Years ago one executive at Sony told for my first album that it is too odd. I hope that this one will be also odd. I will try not to follow new trends, neither to recreate old ones. It will be a traveling, about the music and about the life.
Ten various people from all around the globe will tell their story. About life, dreams, future and a past. It will be story about us, humans. Intimate but on the other hand, very common.
The truth is, we all have something in common – we are individuals.
Let’s see where music will lead us. It is time for “Confessions.”

More info will follow.



With Marko Prezelj on vocal and Dejan Berden on keyboard Etno-Kronika is back on track. It will be pretty wild combination of Rock backgrounds, aggressive vocals and jazzy piano lead lines. The album is planed to be released before the summer 2016.


New pop EDM project with Nina Bauman

ArsovA-midCurrently working on a set of a pop EDM songs with vocalist Nina Bauman.
All songs will be recorded in Slovenian language and latter in English version.

First song from this project is already finished

(before listening the song you should stop the player at the right upper corner. ūüėČ )

Arsov and Nina Bauman – Save My Life

Arsov and Nina Bauman – Resil si me (Save My Life)

Electrolyte – Trop House project

Arsov – Tell Me

Arsov – Night Love

!!!Poezija = Magija!!!

PoezijaJeMAgijaTrio Pauer Arsov represents a new album with a name !!!Poezija = Magija!!! 

An album released in cooperation with a well known “quantum – erotic” poet Vida Mokrin Pauer.¬† Arsov made musical backgrounds for her poetry readings.



Plejade (Pleiades) – Human

Arsov and Marko Prezelj made a song under common name Plejade.
More songs will follow.

Plejade; Clovek & Sun of art

El-ClassicConcert of El

10. 7. 2014  at 20:14 in Vila Bled, Bled.

15.8.2014 at 20.00 in Bitnje at church.

Etnokronika in Stihova dvorana – Cankarjev Dom


EtnoK-smallArsov Aleksander, Petra Onderufova and Tinkara Kovac represented Slovenian folk songs in a wild rock, jazzy manner in a Cankarjev Dom
“Stihova dvorana” on Saturday 03/15/2014


Free download

Download full album “The Arsov Bel Project – Love, Love” for free. ( on a Music subpage)

New remixes

Slorapfan site organized remix content for song Nocoj, pa oh nocoj from Etnotronika.  You can hear three best remixes on a music page.

Love, Love

The Arsov Bel Project РLove, Love is released.“

The Arsov Bel Project‚ÄĚ. is a product of a cooperation between Arsov and the well known African musician

Bel Jeannot

Arsov: The Noize     (TABP in Delo magazine)
Bel Jeannot.: The Voice

additional vocals: Mateja & Nadja Skumavec

ilustration and animations: Klemen Gorup



Arsov, Tinkara Kovac and Petra Onderufova are preparing a new set of ethno songs for presenting them in national instutute Cankarjev dom. in Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana

Members: Janja Hvala, Arsov and Matej Kuzel.
Project for musical cultural education – national instutute Cankarjev dom
“Glasbena kulturnovzgojna ura”
“jazzy-electro-opera” covers of classical music.

Dec 12 2013 Bled castle.


Dajte Dajte on etno compilation by SIGIC

“Dajte, Dajte” a song from Etnotronika was featured on Etno compilation released by SIGIC (Slovenian musical information center) aimed for promotional purposes in Slovenia and abroad.

The first presentation was at the end of October 2012 on a “Womex -The world music Expo” in Copenhagen)