Aleksander Arsov aka „Arsov“ started his career in the early 80’s playing guitar with a well-known Slovenian alternative band Gast’r’bajtrs, who released an album and played a number of concerts.. 

 In the late 90’s Arsov started a new musical carrer and composed music for TV commercials. In 1999 he won the 1st Prize in the ‘Best Jingles in a TV commercial’ category at the Slovenian Advertising Festival (SOF).


In 2001, Arsov started work on his first solo project. Guest vocalists were Boris Benko and the young female vocalist Sara Janjic

 At the end of 2001, the song Goodbye was released in a compilation entitled Definitive Chilled, released by U.K. label RAW 42. 

2003 - 2005

In 2003, a CD with Arsov’s songs for children was released, Hisa Pesmic – Draga Teta Storklja (The House of Songs – Dear Aunty Stork)  

Roxy Music’s “Beauty Queen,” produced by Arsov and Marc Burns and performed by Sara J., was released in March 2005 as part of a “Roxy Remodeled” compilation, through BasicLux Records. 


Roxy Remodeled  charted on both Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Chart and Dance Singles Chart in the U.S. ( number 30 on Dance Club Chart)

In the middle of the same year, “Wildly Irrational” was relased in a Sonic Solutions compilation CD at the American label Acne Records


2006 was the year when Arsov’s first solo album – Mindless, was released at Aaugh Records in Chicago. 

 At the end of that year he started a new dance project – „Neurobic“ with Sara J. and Stane Spegel aka “Housemouse“, the well known Slovenian producer and musician. 


Neurobic finished their Discodrama album, and two songs from this albums were released in compilations. The song “I Decide” was released in a Slovenian compilation Electrostars, the compilation which also contained Truth For You from Mindless CD by Arsov, and a second one Money Honey, was released in the compilation New Sound Theory vol. 4 released by BasicLux Records from the U.S. 

2007 - 2008

For the same label Neurobic made a cover of Silent Night in cooperation with opera diva Janja Hvala for the „The Mistletoe Lounge“ compilation which was released at the end of the 2007. 

 In 2008 he became a regular contributor to Wusik Sound Magazine, and he wrote more than hundred articles for them. 


At 2010 Arsov released a new CD Etnotronika, an album with electro covers of Slovenian folk songs. The vocalists on Etnotronika are one of the most recognizable Slovenian  artists:

Janja Hvala, Katja Sulc, Mare Prezelj, Ales Hadalin, Mateja Blaznik, Anita Kay Kovacevic, Ursula Ramoves, Lara Baruca, Bostjan Gorenc – Pizama, Omar Naber and Neza Buh – Neisha.


“Dajte, dajte” from Etnotronika was released on SIGIC Ethno compillation representing best Slovenian authors on Ethno field. 

At same year started El-Classic.com project with jazz saxophone player Blaz Trcek and opera diva Janja Hvala. They made covers of many classical works from the past for upcoming release


El-Classic.com performed in Cankarjev dom, main culture institute in Ljubljana. The concert will continue in 2013.  

In mid 2012 Arsov and well known African musician Jeannot Bel  (member of Kanda Bongo Man group) started works on their first “The Arsov-Bel Project” The project was finished in a first quarter of 2013 and it was released on iTune.

2013 - 2014

In 2013 started a new project, “EtnoKronika” with well known Slovenian vocalist Tinkara Kovac along with excellent violin player Petra Onderufova- Fu

Arsov and David Baer started new musicweb publication Soundbytes magazine. 

 2014 – Album Poezija=Magija with well known Slovenian erotic poet Vida Mokrin Pauer

2014 - 2015

2014 – Arsov is back on Electro. Working on “Electrolyte” album, song Night Love will be released at Voyage label at Boston U.S.  

2015 – Working on a new Slovenian – English project with excellent vocalist Nina Bauman.


October 2015 got a call from New York based Mibe Music with invitation to become a member of their exclusive composition team.  Mibe clients are all the major broadcast networks, such as A&E, ABC, AMC, Bravo, CBS, Discovery, E!, ESPN, FOX, HBO, MTV, Nat Geo, NBC, Nickelodeon, Showtime, Spike, TNT, TruTV, VH1, Vice and many others.


2016 – Song “Late 60” from Audiosparx stock library appear in American documentary Ball Of Confusion – The 1968 Election

Started working on two new instrumental projects. The first one is Confession and the second one, with a bit more relaxed content will be Breakfast delights.


April 2017 – “Neurobic – Discodrama” re-released at Magmatune records – USA 

May 2017 released Rock – Jazz album “Belinda – Etno Raketno” with Marko Prezelj and Deajan Barden, covering well known Slovenian folk songs. 

Summer 2017 compiling material for “Arsov – Years” best off – compilation and working on new album with electro instrumentals.

2017 - 2018

End of 2017 Arsov - Years was released.

Currently working on new instrumental album "Contribution To The Common Madness." The album will bring a pile of new electro and psy ambient tracks.